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BG1-style initiation of dialouge

O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,790
In Baldur's Gate saga, there is many times when some NPC walks towards you and starts conversation. But, there is small difference between how it worked in BG1 and BG2

In BG1, you immediatly knew if some NPC has some kind of buisness with you because they were making some kind of sound ("Heya, it's me Imoen!", "Hi friend"), while in BG2 you do not. Example:
In pure BG1, Tarnesh at the friendly Amn inn, he shouts "Hi friend" while walking towards you. In BGT or TuTu (generally BG2 engine), he walks, then after initalizing dialouge he says "Hi friend".

What I ask for is to restore BG1 method of initalizing dialouges. It just feel better. You know when someone has some kind of buisness with you, while in BG2 engine it was unexpected, and sometimes annoying (dialogue starts, while NPC starts saying something that's unrelated to actual text.

I hope I wrote it all in clearly and understandable way.


  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    I noticed this and I hated the way it does that in BG2, make spoken lines voice as soon as the NPC approaches you or when you click on them like in BG1.

    By the time you're in a conversation with them you've missed out on hearing that line. That line is meant to be an introduction to them, because it is unrelated to what they are going to actually tell.
  • KirkorKirkor Member Posts: 700
    Big YES for this!
  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    This is both insightful and a good request.
    I'd rather we just skip the small talk, and get right to the killing.
  • Ezzaam4FutbolEzzaam4Futbol Member Posts: 72
    YESSSS... they should put it back
  • ryu1ryu1 Member Posts: 76
    ajwz said:

    This is both insightful and a good request.
    I'd rather we just skip the small talk, and get right to the killing.

    You do realise there is an Insightful button instead of selecting the Agree button? :)
    But yes, I also like the idea of people calling you and trying to grab your attention instead of just running up. Only a little thing but it does amount to a much more satisfying experience of playing.
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