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Help! Shapeshifters will not polymorph into werewolfs through ability!!!

Hi all this is my first post on this forum, and I could gladly use your help. I have the gibbering's 3 bg2 tweaks/fixes pack installed, as well as override, and oversight. Spoiler***

There is that magic club thing (that transforms shape shifters when equipped) so I know that the werewolf file works, but when I try to use the ability neither a generated character, nor the npc cernd will transform. It says "Cernd- Shapeshifts Werewolf: Cernd" and the polymorph casting effect works but the shape shifter remains in human form.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Does anyone know what the coding is to polymorph werewolf and I could check if its in there? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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