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More paperdolls needed

I noticed that female monk do not have thier own paperdoll like male which make it is quite unfair please fix this.
Moreover, bard class also do not have their own paperdoll, they use the same paperdoll as priest class which is very inappropriate ,they are unique, they really should get their own paperdoll. I knew that it is impossible to do the new avater, but it seem make the new paperdolls are possible.
Another thing I wish they could make that i wish there are option to have long-haired paperdoll for female. It is very strange that no one have longhair even an elf which you can alway seen in movie that female elf ususally have long hair. Changing an avatar is impossible, so I think at least can you make a long hair paperdoll for female.
I wish you consider this and hope it is not to difficult or costy to do it.


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,437
    The female monk does have its own paperdoll.

    The bard uses the thief animation, not the priest animation. This is consistent with almost all other class types (all warrior classes use the Fighter animation except for Barbarian; all wizard classes use the mage animation; all priest classes use the Cleric animation except for Monk; all rogue classes use the Thief animation).

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