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Leveling items

FrozenDervishFrozenDervish Member Posts: 295
A cool feature would be the addition of a leveling weapon, item, or armor that would gain experience with you as you fight. Fighting with various weapons as a player I get attached to a weapon and would like it stay with me since it was my partner that has lead me to slaughter thousands of foes.

Say you gain just a normal longsword or knife whether it be from a corpse or a shop, but seeing it you know it to be the weapon for you. It protects you, your friends, family, caravan, slays your enemies, fights with you through starvation, thirst, wars, disease. You name this weapon with a word/words that give its purpose at your side meaning beyond just being a tool. It is your true friend, ally, and even your bitterest enemy. As you live and fight it takes on a personality of its own gaining power from your ability, will, and knowledge. From gaining the ability to freeze an enemy in place with fear from the blood still rolling down the blade to an edge honed to perfection through considerable care and sharpening, to even giving a faint light of hope to all that surround you this weapon is would be your legend one which future adventurers, cults, and kingdoms would fight to possess. For this blade is the true "Lord of Murder's" legacy.



  • wariisopwariisop Member Posts: 163
    They had that in Icewind Dale, but this would only be beneficial to evil parties to balance the excessive weapons that cater to Good Aligned characters. An evil weapon that increases based on the amount of good souls stolen would increase the sword ever so many times. I personally would love to see some weapons specifically targeted to evil characters that are as powerful as the Holy Avenger or other good +5 weapons.

  • FrozenDervishFrozenDervish Member Posts: 295
    It wouldn't even need to be for evil only characters. Most weapons that heroes use are either the sword they began with, enchanted by powers such as wizards, blacksmiths of unequaled skill, given shape by their battles and use, blessed by deities for their goals. While yes more evil weapons would be nice in all, but the game itself does not cater to the evil sociopath very well due to how reputation works unless you feel like slaughtering all the quest givers.

  • Leaf_EaterLeaf_Eater Member Posts: 71
    Personally I would see it as an either evil or good type weapon, you either gain souls or divine favor or however you want to think of it.
    Sounds like a fun mod to add but probably too much contraversy in the real game.

  • FrozenDervishFrozenDervish Member Posts: 295
    My thinking was it would gain experience similar to the player with how often it is used and maybe give it special flags that denote exp gained and what it's next form would be.

  • IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
    edited July 2012
    I think that it would be amazing to shape your own magical weapons, start off as a simple spear, slay hundreds of enemies, visit Taerom and have him work it into a masterwork weapon, use it in your gnoll slaying conquest, visit thalantyr and have him imbue it with magic etc etc
    Being able to upgrade weapons could bring new quests, looking for specific materials, and also adds new gold sinks, paying for the upgrades themselves.

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