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[Request] BAM Editor (or Workshop) working with EE BAM files

VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
edited October 2013 in General Modding
Hi all! Well, the title says it all! Yes, I can open "some" of the BAM files (those that are related to original BG and BG2) but all the new ones, not that much!

So, that's why I'd like to request a BAM Workshop with Enhanced Edition capabilities... If you want to know what I mean, open STORTIN2 or STORTINN with either BAM Workshop or NearInfinity and it won't work... NI says read error and the workshop doesn't seem to load anything...

I do know that it is probably a little tweak added to the BAM file (for better support) that is causing the problem but, not being a programmer myself, I can't do a thing! Except test! :)

So, if anyone could try to make it compatible, it would be cool! Thanks in advance for the efforts!



  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 737
    edited October 2013
    STORTIN2, STORTINT and most spell icons, for instance, use a new BAM format, V2. STORTINT and STORTIN2 are very small files. I believe they use a new format allowing to describe the color layer added in a very short way. I assume the spell icons use a better compression, similar to what is done for the new TIS files which use PVR files, if I remember correctly.
    I don't think the format of BAM V2 has been provided by Beamdog so it may be difficult to create an editor for these files. Besides the people who created BAM Workshop and BAM Workshop 2 are not there anymore and the source code is not available, as far as I know. So unless some creates a whole new editor, DLTCEP is the only hope.

    However, for the purpose of changing STORTINT and STORTIN2, all is not lost. You can use a BAM V1 file created with BAM Workshop to replace them. Here is what the game looks like when I use SPIN822 as a base for creating STORTINT and STORTIN2 in the override directory (my character is a priest).
    I let people interested in modding this feature work out the details of the BAM file (size, number of sequences and frames) to make a proper replacement.
    Uploaded with

  • VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
    @Isaya: Yeah, true... However, I just wanna tweak the file a little bit... I know that the files are related to (in a way or another) to the "Green Filter" (that was added then removed). You know, the written and unwritten spells...

    I just want to tweak the green filter back! :)

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