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Player indicator and cursor

IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 863
Know the green/red circular on characters? I don't know what it is really called, but player indicator seems to be a good name. I've seen the screenshots and the way I see it nothing changed at all for that. Though I'm hardly a graphics-conscious guy, somehow these indicators sometimes get into my immersion that I remove them using options IIRC; but that also affects it is difficult to identify foes from the crowd without them. What I was hoping is that they can be made blurry or semi-transparent? Making them less intrusive but at the same time you can still make use of them. Or if that's difficult to do, just make them beautiful at least, a a few more strokes here and there instead of just MSPaint-drawn circle. I'm hoping the same for mouse cursors too. I know it is of little importance, but it isn't hard to improve might even just take an hour or 2 to make them more attractive.

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