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Multiplayer Problem!!!!

GotNoUsernameGotNoUsername Member Posts: 49
Hi dev Team
I’m recruiting people to play BG:EE like wild.
But we realized there is a problem if we all make new chars, we won’t have in game character interaction so we wanted to question if it will be possible that other players can at least only control chars like Aerie or Minsc. We know only the team leader can chat with them and some actions are scripted but that’s what we want character integration. And missing the whole Jaheira Quest would be a shame. (And without the character interaction the game lacks soul and I want to buy them BG2:EE too ^^” and you will make my convincing easier)


  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    Yes it is possible for one or more players to only control NPCs, instead of their own. The only catch is you'd have to go and recruit them first, so they would have to play with their own characters and then kick them and recruit NPCs.

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