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Game Crash at Resting

My game crashes allways when I rest my party, I can't play on.
Is there any way to save my savegame? I don't want to restart my playthrough
(I also uploaded one of the crash files out of the crash directory)


  • jpersinnejpersinne Member Posts: 23
    This happens to me too with the new patch.

    Mods I have installed:

    Neera Expansion
    Convenient Ammunition
    Wand Case
    Mr. Pennyway's Cosmetic Changes
    Subraces for BG:EE
    Helarine NPC Mod
    Isra NPC Mod
    Margarita NPC Mod
    Valerie NPC Mod
    White NPC Mod
    BG Tweak Pack

    I might go ahead and uninstall the mods later, to see if one of them is the culprit (and which one, for that matter). That'd be a real pain, though; so in the meantime, I'm hoping someone has insight into the matter!

  • jpersinnejpersinne Member Posts: 23
    I've managed to narrow this down. The crash seems to result, specifically, from the "Add Bags of Holding" BG Tweak component.

  • RB178RB178 Member Posts: 25
    Hi, I had similar issues with the game crashing when resting. It was the result of a specific item stored in a potion bag. I got the idea from another post where the elven chain, stored in a bag of holding was causing this issue. Try and take everything out of the bag of holding, save, rest and if it works, put everything back in with a few pieces at a time, while resting in between. That way you can figure out which item is the problem.

    With me it was a potion of aci burning in the potion bag. Search this forum for crash rest and you'll find the related posts.

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