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Texture Mods

DelvonDelvon Posts: 77Member
edited July 2012 in General Modding
I was just wondering if there will be functionality to redo some of the older textures from the games later on? I known for the devs its outside of their contractual privileges, but how about modders? I honestly don't known about the capabilities of ie to even allow such mods, so apologies for an uneducated question.

I've already ranted about the water in previous threads, but something like the re-rendering for skyrim was simply amazing, and would help bring forth some of the nay-sayers who dread older graphics.


  • trinittrinit Posts: 579Member
    i would like to see beautifully animated water, and/or fire. maybe fog sometimes, other special effects etc.

    i don't know if modders can simply change one file with another (fire spell effect with another one, for example). getting those animations done is another story however...
  • DelvonDelvon Posts: 77Member
    A dedicate effort would benefit any revamped bg games though! Let's hope there are some awesome people willing to go ahead with the effort!
  • SeldarSeldar Posts: 401Member
    we'll see what modders can do with that "new engine" for BG EE... maybe there are a lot of possibilities now !
  • DelvonDelvon Posts: 77Member
    We can definitely hope so! @seldar
  • NWN_babaYagaNWN_babaYaga Posts: 732Member
    it´s difficult to retexture an area properly because you override the existing shadows or have to redraw them back in, which is a pain. At least for me.
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Posts: 1,334Member
    edited August 2012
    Some of you must be new ;)

    The original plan for BG:EE was a total HD revamp, however, the original BG art was all lost.

    Now, because Beamdog has came up with a method to use a 3d modeler to design levels, then fix the camera in a 3/4 isometric view, technically it would be possible to redesign the original zones. I don't think BD has the time, money, or license rights to do such a thing though. It would have to be modders.
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