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Icewind Dale Soundset - Leonardo Leonardo(Alec Baldwin in Clerks: The Animated Series)

lunarhalolunarhalo Member Posts: 71
I bought Icewind Dale back in the day but never finished playing it. It felt overly hack and slash at the time, but I've decided to give it another shot with a couple of the mods that have come out(Unfinished Business and the NPC one). So I created a new soundset for my LE Conjurer based on the 6 episode run of Clerks: the animated series, where Alec Baldwin voices a rich industrialist with world domination ambitions that looks like Alan Rickman.

I'll go ahead a spare you a portrait from the series, since Icewind Dale has a pretty distinctive portrait style and this particular one matches the character pretty well:


It worked out pretty well, and I'll probably do a BG2 version at some point(and maybe a Randal and Dante set too).

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