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Anyone Here Plays Football Manager 2014?

HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
edited November 2013 in Off-Topic
Title says it all. Just curious if FM2014 and BG go in the same crowd...


  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    I tallied close to 120 hours or thereabouts with FM2013. It was my first dabble with the series since CM4! I have not yet purchased FM2014. I may do at a later date.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    RnRClown said:

    I tallied close to 120 hours or thereabouts with FM2013. It was my first dabble with the series since CM4! I have not yet purchased FM2014. I may do at a later date.


    Judging by the underwhelming response to this thread, interest in football is not prevalent in this community and we are in a tiny minority. :D

    I played FM2007 and FM2009. Just got FM2014 a few weeks ago... but the game has changed quite a lot since 2009 and I am getting owned so badly... It feels like I need to get an actual coaching badge to play the game. lol

  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    Aye. It looks like we're the only two.

    FM2013 was foreign to me for a long time. The game has indeed changed a lot. I got the hang of it in the end. It was strange to be juggling player morale and the media (for the purpose of unsettling opposition) as much as sorting out tactics and formations. I won the quadruple in my first season as Manchester United. It's not exactly a crowning achievement considering the superb caliber of players I had at my disposal, but I was still pleased with myself, considering it was my first dabble since CM4.

    I'll maybe keep an eye out for a Steam sale.

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    No not the only , however , I quitted it in FM 2011. I took AFC Telford , and run through 3 leagues up , with constant save/loading , breaking pledges :) I killed Chelsea with Lewes FC 2-0 after a bunch of save/loads I remember , but that was possible because Chelsea was with subs :) It was a FA Cup challenge and the Blues were on to the League :) Aimanë El Gueribi was such an AML back at FM 2011 , a love-man in football , setting cries to eyes when he shoots Tottenham , suprisingly "suprisingly" :)

    I checked FM 2013 , but I really disliked its futuristic looks. I was an old one from CM , the first team I took I remember was Cardiff. Zidane and Lizarazu were the lords back then. Bixente was a defender by the way.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    lol what are u doin to the off-topic forum?! :P

    I get the feeling that though we maybe in the small minority who enjoy both Baldur's Gate and Football Manager, our football loyalties are very divided... I may live in Manchester at the moment, but my club is Liverpool FC, though probably cos I'm not an actual Scouser, I don't hate Everton/ManU in particular.

    Anyways yes the game has changed beyond recognition from FM2009. I would just be happy to achieve top 4 in my first season and hope that the wonderkids I bought actually develop into good players. So far, after a decent start in the first 5 games, I've crashed outta the League Cup and slumped to 7th in the League. Free scoring SAS in real life have managed just 7 goals between them up to December. lol

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    You sound like a non-save/loading player that way... But , with a difference there , you are playing with the Ansfield... Man , I am with the Bucks :) I do agree that ,but, without save/loading the game enjoys itself. I had a friend who continued an old CM beyond 2099 's , last we talked , he was still talking about it... We started with him together back in undergrad at 2005's , real 2005... :)


  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453

    lol what are u doin to the off-topic forum?! :P

    This is how I feel about it :

  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    I haven't abused the save/load since CM 2001/2002. CM4 and FM2013 I just rolled with the punches.

    In my Manchester United save it was the easiest time of it I have ever experienced. We absolutely steam rolled the majority of teams. Hernandez was amazing. He scored over 30 goals. Rooney and van Persie really clicked towards the end of the season. Vidic and Evans were man mountains at the back. Michael Carrick was an ever present consistent performer. I literally set up an attacking 4-4-2 formation and tweaked a few specific roles. I then juggled player morale as best I could to keep the entire squad happy, and looked to use the press to unsettle the opposition before matches. It worked a charm. I kept some really talented players happy, and they played out of their skins.

    I had a more difficult time of it with a lower league side, in Northern Ireland. Lesser players exposed my offense heavy tactic. I didn't do as well with the player morale to further compound my misery.

    I never bothered with the shouts. I checked out the opposition prior to each match and tweaked my set up, or my starting eleven accordingly. If things weren't going well at half-time I focused on attempting to use the most fitting team-talk, and perhaps substitute the worst performer.

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    Well , that's the case. You "would had" to go in the game details if you planned to go from deep conference , to up. I tried non save/loading yes , but with so many I had to take care of , it was like a job to me , rather than entertainment. I could have chosen major teams like you both , but I really found it non-specific for the game frame , I mean it is managing , not to say Mr. Ferguson did not manage anything as it seems somehow he used to do , but doing it with that crazy pack of defence and forwards was more like running top-model fashion TV slack each match...

    You had to go in to that shouts , so , if you tried at the bottom , and you may not have tried it because may be ? you thought it would bore you as well. It did me , when back at 2011 , I remember there were substitutes to that thing , but more basic.

    Let me tell you that you never drop your tension , when you go 4-4-2 with con.north team , you search all around internet for a cheesy tactic , well , you would guess to your surprise , not! , that they were all working? :) None , to be exact , for my case :)

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited November 2013

    I have never save/loaded in FM games. If you do, matches never feel important, cos u can always keep reloading until you get the result u need, and could essentially 'fluke' your way to winning everything through a statistically near impossible sequence of events/results.

    I think Liverpool is actually kinda difficult because there is a mismatch between the club's reality and expectations. I go into home matches vs ManU, Man City and Chelsea with fans expecting victory, when my team is clearly inferior. In FM2007 and FM2009 I basically 'got by' in the first 2 seasons, just trying my best to meet expectations. By the 3rd and 4th seasons Liverpool would gradually become a powerhouse, and by the 5th and 6th seasons become dominant. I usually give up shortly after that cos it's no longer interesting when I know I will win the EPL every season unless I do something stupid.

    Oh yeah and the reason I play with Liverpool is cos
    A) It's more interesting if u use a team u support, cos u got that emotional attachment.
    B) I know the players already. I don't need to individually analyse everyone to know that Suarez and Sturridge are my best strikers, Gerrard is brilliant but ageing, and Sterling is one for the future. I tried to play with a Chinese club in FM2007, but it was so much work trying to learn who all my players were and what they were good at, let alone all the other players and clubs in the league. I got sacked in the second season, and realised that my 'career' would never get me to Anfield before I am a pensioner!

  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    I found the shouts too broad in their approach at times, and the combination of shouts a little confusing. I would instead tweak the individual player instructions where I felt it was required. It was much the same result as a shout would have achieved, most of the time, as a friend later explained.

    One of my favorite aspects of FM2013 was creating tactics. It was recommended to me, to download fan created tactics, but where is the fun in that. It's akin to opting for a save/load. It nullifies the meaning, the importance, the fun.

    That's exactly what saw me lose interest in my Manchester United save @Heindrich1988. It was so easy that it got boring. The next season started off very similarly. I even adjusted my tactics and my formation a little, and was still smashing teams with ease. I forgot to mention Shinji Kagawa, who was ridiculously good. It was great to succeed and all, but I started to feel as if it was little to do with my input, and more to do with the over the top performances my players were putting in every single game. Danny Welbeck was playing like Ronaldinho for a few months!

    I had a lot more fun in my lower league save where I was struggling for a time. It made the victories mean more. It saw the scouting become make or break. I suffered from burn out, overkill, lack of sleep, in the end. I had to put FM2013 to one side and play something else. Eventually I un-installed it for the hard drive space.

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    :) Well I have no those A) and B) , I quit team supporting back when Liverpool won 8-0 over Beşiktaş JK. I was supporting Beşiktaş back then ,I'm Turkish :) And for the player data , I was never that interested , football could not get me that much , even after some time 96's ...

    For the shouts , yeah , it's more like Justin Bieber fans to get into the game , you know what I mean ? It's more like an "option set" to get more mainstream people into the game , it seems to me. I really don't think they are much effective , but I don't know.It's understood that FM team needs more money.

    I have the CD 2011 , and registered in steam also , but yeah , like you RnR , they are both un-installed for me.
    I don't like games going "realistic". I have reality for that , thank you ; you would say. Game should be "fun" at primal , and that would be enough & enough. Because when "realistic pumping" , you just can't simulate it near enough good , and with vast options , actually not realistic , but man-made , man-made-up laws , you memorize , memorize an other man's fantasies about reality.

    Why there is no stat for Love ? :) It should be primal for a striker :)

    Van Nistelrooy , Love 89
    Eric Cantona , Love 82
    Ronaldinho , Love 83 ...

    Do you get what I mean there ? It would be better if fantastic football managing was made. Like NBA Jam game , if you know , where the basket burns when you slam the ball. Like FM should have Ignition stats as well , if Ronaldo has 90 of it , the ball ablazes... :) And also fantastical footballers , yeahhh , Wakabayashi and alike...

    FFM , fantastic FM. :) A good future release to work on , instead of IWD:EE :)

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