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Additions and changes worth considering.

bill_zagoudisbill_zagoudis Member Posts: 207
After completing several playthroughs of the BG saga with diferrent characters the following additions would be really refreshing to my experience:

1)at the final chapters of both BG and BG2 i would love to see some highly challenging optional encounter,that will require tactics and effort to beat(with rewards on par with the time and effort spend of course),Kangax and the Twisted rune are fine but something harder would be appreciated.

2)would it be possibly for the physical classes to have more abilities early on? maybe a couple of skills apart from standard attack? i like physical classes but i feel like i'm playing more with Edwin when my PC is one,if that would make them too strong i wouldn't mind a slight reduce in some passive stat(like Strenght to hit and damage bonus) in order to compensate.

3)some emphasis on the transaction from BG to BG2,what will happen to our companions? what if i never was travelling with Minsc,Jaheira and Khalid? what if i have a romance on BG1? why would Viconia leave my party if we finish BG together?

4)would a brand new difficulty setting with emphasis on merciless ai that focuses weak and injured party members be possible?(not just more damage/Hp for monsters pls it's pointless killing meatbags)

5)i hate it when dices interfere with my character development,it's not fun rolling for 4 hrs in order to create a decent char nor is it fun seeing your fighter rolling 1 at level-up,would it be better to simply use the 3rd edition system on starting ability scores and HP on level-up?

6)a real katana pls? katana+5 is not OP in any means is it?

7)specialist spells should be harder to resist,let's say enemies receive a penalty of 1 on saving throws?(just in their specialty school of course),currently i'm not picking my favourite school of magic but rahter the least favourite school of oposition

8) a minor yet pleasant addition would be that of the portraits, i really can't find a fitting one for many sort of characters,for instance nothing is satisfying for an elven fighter.

9)a nerf to stoneskin/ironskin/protection from magical weapons...yes they're simply too good in their current form,maybe limited duration for stoneskin/ironskin?

10) why would the Black Pits be a stand-alone compaign? wouldn't it feel better to be able to travel to them by the map?

11) lastly TOB is too short,would asking for a dungeon similar to watcher's keep be within the realm of possibility?
or even better introducing another Bhaalspawn rival like Baaltazar,Sendai and Abazigal?

any of the above implemented would be really appreciated,feel free to comment or add.


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