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Paperdolls/Avatars, option to change them.

KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 546
One thing that has been bothering me, is that if i multiclass I always get a Fighter version of the gender/race.. I find this annoying.

What I would like as a feature, seeing how you're going to make an entirely new HUD/GUI anyway, is to allow us to choose which avatar/paperdoll we want. For instance, there are half-elves that look more like their human parent than their elven, in terms of racial traits.

So what I want, is the option to choose as follows:

Half-elves (and any other race where it's applicable), choose either Elven or Human.

All multi and dualclassed chars get to choose avatar/paperdoll of a class they posses.

In other words, making a half-elf fighter/thief, should give me the option to have a Human Thief avatar/paperdoll.


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