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Ship trigger, AR1500 - several party members can be left behind

KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
edited July 2012 in Fixed
AR1500 - several party members can be left behind once the ship sets sail if their action lists are not empty (if they are currently in combat, for example).


Added ClearAllActions() to SHIP.BAF

(Originally found and fixed in DudlyFix)

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  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Confirmed fixed:

    I formed a party of 6, got the sea scrolls, got Mendas to get his ship ready, positioned Nexlit the Blue Elf next to Mendas on the docks after having told Mendas to wait a bit. Put the rest of the party where the monster spawn point was, spawned a heap o' gibberlings, told the other 5 party members to "sic 'em," let the battle commence, then had Nexlit the Blue Elf talk to Mendas for setting sail, and they were all to a one whisked to Werewolf Island. I did this with the battle nearby on the docks 3 times and also 3 times with the 5 battlers in Mendas' house.

    Each time the battle music was still playing on arrival, and the last combat feedback came after arrival also. Despite that the five embattled companions already showed combat feedback prior to leaving, on one occasion Minsc, Ajantis, and Kivan all had new "Attacks Gibberling" feedback after arrival, and on many others the gibberling death and kill XP award showed up on arrival... But it never left anyone behind.

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