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Just played a proper run with bg ee. no reload.

So since the new patch hit i wanted to play a no reload game for bg 1 ee. Here is my conclusion:

Amazing. Nothing short of fantastic.

I decided to roll a halfling berserker. I always play warrior male but i have never done halfling.

Well i saw my halfling as growing into power (19 str in bg 2) and chose the bald bearded portrait for Leon.

Child of bhaal 200 pound muscle halfling kicking ass. Broadest and tallest halfling ever (eventually).

I mainly went with khalid, jaheira and coran for my party. Picked up the new npcs and did their quests (rasaads bugged : ( )

I did tales of the sword coast and had a blast. Never reloaded once and only encountered one bug.

Thanks for upgrading bg 1 to what it always should have been.


Great job



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