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Blak Pits 2 Buglist (large) (full of spoilers)

17651765 Member Posts: 66
edited November 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Black pits 2 is great but there are a fair few bugs. (I also haven't finished it yet)


Bug:Training Arena, single character who initiates dialogue to with the beast-master is transported to the battle square and is selected, but you do not lose control of you other party members a la surly fight in the copper coronet so you can just bring them in to fight.

Expected: Lose control of party except for char initiating dialogue


Bug: After poisoning the cook, Marduuk still says “Shh we cant talk here” and Short-order still says “I’m happy not, no i’m not” whenever you talk to them, the same dialogue as when the cook is still alive.
Expected: they say something different (tbh the whole cook poisoning quest has a bunch of bugs)


Bug: after speaking to the Guard Captain who challenges you at the enterance to the Hunters Lounge while wearing Noser uniforms and agreeing to kill Branson, when the party tries to return to the small anteroom where the guard is situated who requires the Noser uniforms to pass. The door from the long corridor to the anteroom “auto-closes” immediately when opened unless you are positioned so that when it opens, the guard on the outside sees you and it triggers the “Captain said you could pass...” speech bubble in which case it stays open until it closes as you move out of line of sight. This also means that if you are solo-ing, you cannot exit this door back to the main part of the black pits area

Expected: door stays open when you open it from the inside until you pass through, does not require line of sight.


Bug: When removing Noser’s Uniforms while in the corridor north of the banquet hall, a flurry of “trap sprung” notifications occurred for all characters, 1 char was level drained and 1 char was shot with an acid arrow, this happens every time.

Expected: removing noser uniforms when not in hunters lounge has no effect on charecters


Bug:was able to access the Hunter’s lounge via buying Noser’s uniforms and complete Guard captain miniquest before talking to Brodle, afterwards I had a conversation about accessing the lounge and the difficulty in doing so with Brodle after I had in fact done it.

To replicate: talk to Brodle re: rebellion, visit locked door to Hunters lounge access corridor and talk to guard, talk to Noser in room west of kitchens and buy uniforms, talk to guard and enter corridor, progress and talk to and complete Guard Captains quest (bribe or murder Branson), enter lounge, return to market, Brodle hails PC and discusses rebellion and getting into hunters lounge :S


Bug: after you speak to brodle about rebellion with the option “you’re a slave in other words, Help me plot a rebellion” he rejects you saying “Ima pretend I never heard that”, later when he approaches you, he talks about rebellion and gives you information on each of the Winged band, when selectiong “lets talk about something else” you are presented with 6 old dialogue options: “What is it you do around here”, “id like to know about the people who run this place” “you’re a slave in other words, Help me plot a rebellion”, and 3 more these are the old dialogue links and so you can get into the situation where you are plotting a rebellion with Brodle yet you can still ask him to plot a rebellion and he says “ima pretend I never heard that”

Expected: different dialogue choices

See screenshot 1 and 3 for examples


Bug: you can still ask Bellowgulp for a piece of the Concocter for the cooks stew after you have killed the cook.

Expected Outcome: some mention of the cook being dead/thanks


Bug: Bellowgulp: the dialogue option “Why does the cook keep looking at the concocter that way” is still present within the “may I ask you some questions” topic even after the cook is dead

expected: a different dialogue option re: dead cook


Bug: Journal Quest Entry – “A small favour for a big favour” remains after killing the cook as an active quest

Expected: quest moves to completed quest journal tab


Bug: Mercy Whitedove: after fighting with Mercy Whitedove and you ask her if she is “willing to help me escape” you get the following dialogue, note the PC dialogue choice: “many thanks Stannel Eibor”, rather than “Mercy Whitedove”

see screenshot 2


Bug: when reaching tier 4, the weapons seller sells +4 bolts and arrows in a default stack of 1

Expected: +4 bolts and arrows are sold in stacks of 40


Bug: When talking to Timmoth Goodtree after wave 5 (the drow war party): Eternal Dialogue Loop “How are you doing in the arena” leads to 4 options which all lead to “how are your escape plans coming” which leads to one option “how are you doing in the arena”. no way to escape this loop and requires re-load

Expected: non broken dialogue allowing exit from loop.


Bug: It is possible to use the Striv’s Wrangler” special ability to swap places with Dennaton in the arena, placing the user on his balcony and Dennaton in the arena, permanently neutral and with no dialogue. you can attack the hell out of him, but can’t kill him.

Expected: you can’t do this.


Graphical Bug with Fallen Deva (may occur with Planetar and non fallen versions)(may not be a Black Pits 2 exclusive.)

See Screenshot 4 - the yellow "L" shape

Any Idea what causes this?



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