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Oh Dorn... /facepalm (spoilers maybe?)

FelspawnFelspawn Member Posts: 161
So it the first game it wasn't really to hard to justify keeping Dorn around for a non-evil party. Sure he wasnt a nice person but his quest to get vengeance on the people that had wronged him worked. I could help be a part of that. But in BG2? I run into him while he's about to stage a red wedding.... A lot harder to overlook. Any other non-evil folks having t tough time RPing a good reason to have Dorn?

My characters are usually CN bards or F/Ts



  • MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
    The problem i had with Dorn, is that his evil is usually dictated, or just mindless, for the sake of evil. His only greater goal is "power", and he gets boring pretty fast.

    I REALLY try not to bash his skull on occasion though, i swear if the option comes to do real battle with him when he gets out of hand again, i'll skewer him. And i'm evil >_>

  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    I kind of think *some* of the mindless evil is dealt with in his SoA plot. He is literally tied to an entity that is made of pure evil and exists solely to perpetrate it, after all. Even he starts to have issues with that.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,019
    I'm a chaotic good ranger. Basically my justification for it is that I know that Irenicus is a much more dangerous foe than Dorn and that I need the best of the best in order to stop him. In my mind these people are dying in order for a greater evil to be stopped.

    There are other reasons I'm aligning with him but it generally involves doing this horrible thing in order to stop a greater evil.

  • FouneFoune Member Posts: 53
    I could never companion him as a good character, I'd be obliged to slay him if he was about to start slaughtering priests and civilians. I agree that he made more sense in BG1, he didn't go on a rampage killing commoners and when he mentioned that he used to raid small villages and kill the children I was kind of shocked (luckily I played an evil character then). But his evil made more sense, it was more survival of the fittest, the rule of the strong, now he's just as murderous as Montaron (and less menacing tbh).

  • onewithoutasoulonewithoutasoul Member Posts: 18
    I wound up killing him in BG2. I'm playing a paladin, so....first discussion we had came to blows.

  • DKnightDKnight Member Posts: 307
    Is it possible to get Dorn to become Good? It would be worthwhile as some of the dialog you choose causes doubts in his head like the wedding. I doubt it but just wondering. He is most likely a child of bhaal as Gromnir (il khan) is his brother. What a family.

  • rdarkenrdarken Member Posts: 660
    edited November 2013
    To be fair, you can stop him from killing pretty much everyone at the wedding pretty easily. He doesn't even complain.

    What shocked me was how much sluttier he is in this game. In BGEE I flirted with him and he got flustered. Now he's hitting on me. And he moved fast!

    Is it confirmed that he's related to Gromnir? I thought that was a broad name...

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    edited November 2013
    oh thank Jesus

    Thank Jesus I'm not the only one holy hell man

    My problem is even if your character IS evil, there's STILL a good chance you wouldn't want to help him. My current character is evil but cautious, keeps his head low. There's no way in hell he's picking up Dorn. Heck he might not even rescue Viconia because it's pretty risky.

    It is VERY difficult to justify picking up Dorn, you really have to be a certain type of character (psychotic and/or reckless, etc.), and I really think Overhaul Games overlooked that. They just assumed "ooh cool shiny new character, everyone's gonna want to pick him up no matter what!" I think.

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