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Why is Ama so damn buff?

fischsemmelfischsemmel Member Posts: 40
I'm playing a solo illusionist/thief, and having issues killing Ama during the first quest after getting the thief stronghold. Looking at the editor, she should be a total pushover. She's a level 8 thief with a 16 thac0, a 6 ac, 1 attack per round, bad saves, no resistances, and 20 poisoned throwing daggers (that she isn't even proficient with).

But when I fight her ingame, she is GODLY. She throws 2-3 poisoned daggers per round, is "immune to my damage" like 2/3 of the time (ranging from fireballs to cloudkill ticks to magic missiles to the physical damage from my traps), chugs 3+ potions all at the same time, drank 8 potions so far in the current fight even though she doesn't even have that many in her inventory, etc. She seems to get a variable bonus to her to-hit roll so that no matter what her d20 is, her roll ends up being a 23... which is of course enough to hit ALL THE DAMN TIME. Once she finally runs out of poisoned daggers, she moves into melee with a plain dagger which she always gets a 20 to-hit with and which always hits for 4 damage. Attack rolls against her of 12 (with a thaco of 7) are missing. Omg. And now I've done 65 damage to her since she started fleeing because of low health and she is still alive. She isn't even supposed to have that many hp total! And all of this is for a measly 2000 xp.

Why is the game cheating so damn bad? :(

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