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Im a little confused and perplexed with build?

I want to use Anomen as a melee/priest, another melee tank npc like Minsc for damage and taking to the fight and my single class sling thief that is a ranged fighter and trap setting/disarming. I want to get time trap and avoid death later on to make him able to distract enemies with a hard to kill thief while Minsc pounds and an omen attacks with support and buff/spells.

I want to keep this a 3 man party and just want to know if I should stick with my thief being a ranged attacker or a melee attacker with a shield. I had a lot of success with ranged weapons in Bg 1 EE. I beat this game with a solo party while back and a 6 man party too.

Will this work and does the sling that adds strength to damage actually work?


  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    Sling Strength bonus is definitely working. I just tested on Viconia by removing the Hands of Takkok and her damage drastically reduced.

    I'd stick with range. The best ranged weapons are the Gesen Bow and Firetooth Crossbow. The Sling of Everard is also amazing (but not as high DPS as the others). Ranged still trails off in comparison to melee in ToB, though.

    You have two very capable melee characters, however, so I ranged is probably a better move. You can always give yourself a couple of melee proficiencies anyway.

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