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How does the Dorn romance proceed? (small spoilers)

I'm in a spot where my game is bugged and Dorn is trying to get in my PCs pants at some very odd times. LiamEsler is being kind enough to look over my saved games, but in the meantime, I want to know if I'd be missing anything by continuing.

I haven't covered much ground; so far all Dorn and the PC have done is the initial sparring bit. Now he's throwing out the line, "You feel it as strongly as I, do you not?" If she puts him off without totally shooting him down, both he and Hexxat will remain in a state where their romances remain options. She could also sleep with Dorn, closing off any chance with Hexxat, or put him down permanently, closing down any chance with him.

My question is, do Dorn and the PC interact in other ways between the spar and this situation? Dorn clearly doesn't mess around, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that he'd go after her that fast. But because the game is bugging out, I'm not sure that's the case, and I'd like to know if I'd be missing anything by just having her keep him at bay and moving on.


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