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Black Pits 2: Trouble with Gaul *possible spoilers*

So I'm having trouble killing the lich and his vampire lackeys... he seems to be immune to every weapon that you can purchase. I even managed to get off a Sunray near him and it didn't do anything. Anybody know how to do damage to this dude?


  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43
    edited November 2013
    Watch what Gual does at the very beginning of the battle. The actions he takes are mostly likely the reasons why you are having trouble damaging him.

    Minor Spoiler regarding tactics used by Gual and certain other enemies and how to counter them:
    [Spoiler]A favorite trick of liches, rakshasa, etc. is to cast Protection from Magic Weapons. Since they are already immune to normal weapons, casting this spell makes them nearly immune to attacks (I say nearly because I believe extra affects on some weapons may affect them). These creatures also put up defenses against spells and often have high magic resistance. Gual used this tactic against my party.

    You'll need to use spells such as Breach, Dispel Magic, and Remove Magic to dispel his protections before you'll be able to damage to him with weapons.

    To damage him with spells you'll need to remove his magical defenses using spells such Pierce Magic, Lower Resistance, Dispel magic and Remove Magic.[/spoiler]

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