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Mazzy vs Gorf Quest

battowbattow Member Posts: 15
edited November 2013 in Not An Issue
After your encounter with Gorf outside of the Copper Coronet, Gorf doesn't appear to the duel with Mazzy after you talked to Burkin.

Obs: Nervermind, just found him stuck behind the door that leads to the slaves cells. lol

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  • TzampapaizeisTzampapaizeis Member Posts: 67
    same problem but i cant find him behind any door :D

  • timerinotimerino Member Posts: 11
    I found Gorf in the sewers underneath Copper Coronet near the four pipes room. He never leaves.

  • DelicoseDelicose Member Posts: 6
    edited April 2014
    @SionIV pointed out in another post that placing everyone in the party near Bunkin before CHARNAME speaks to her seems to solve this problem. However, if you've spoken to her already and no longer have a save from before speaking with her, such as Auto-Save, you can try using the CLUAConsole.

    Here's what I did to fix it:

    1. If you still have it open, save your game and quit BG2:EE.
    2. Search your computer for the Baldur.ini file for your Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition.
    3. Open file in a text editor (i.e. Notepad)
    4. Find where it says:

    INSERT INTO options ROWS (
    5. Right after that, insert :

    'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
    6. Save and quit.

    7. Reopen game and have your party is inside the Copper Coronet. Be sure to have your party stand away from the pit area to make sure that Gorf doesn't spawn inside it.
    8. Ctrl-Space to open CLUAConsole.
    9. In the field that opened, type:

    Your new copy of Gorf SHOULD spawn near your party and SHOULD initiate the lead up to fighting in the pit with Mazzy.

    Where is Gorf most likely at?
    One place is the back rooms. Going there may cause you to make choices where you can no longer finish the pit fight.
    Another place, apparently, is the sewers attached to the Copper Coronet. If he is there, it is impossible to finish the pit fight since he is in the wrong zone.


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