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[DUPE] - Romance stuck in dialogue mode.

OgareOgare Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Not An Issue
I was killing demons on the 3rd level of Watcher's keep(SoA) and they killed Aerie. After the battle I resurrected her and she started to constantly stop in place and saying random lines. I tried all i could come up with to fix that and nothing worked.

I tried:
killing her again
changing location
separating her from the group in different rooms of one building
turning her into stone and back
killing her and resurrecting her at the temple
removing her from the party and accepting again
silencing her(she shuts up but keeps interrupting orders i give her)

None of that helped.

While I was googling for the solution, I minimized the game and after I enlarged it back, she initiated one of the romance dialogues with my character, but that was the dialogue that already happened quite some time ago and even after she did that, nothing changed.

She stops doing that during the battles but it is still insanely annoying to move around. I don't want to remove her from my party because of the romance and i don't have a save file prior to this happening so this is very gamebreaking for me.

Here is a save file with this bug:

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  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    Fixed save attached.

    Aerie was supposed to start a dialogue with you about Phaere but was apparently unable to until now. Unfortunately, it's Chapter 6, not 5, so her talk couldn't fire. Here's what she would have said: "You... you weren't in her room for very long. Not long enough to... well, I mean... you obviously got away from her. That's... that's a relief. I was beginning to wonder." (Yep, just one line.)

  • OgareOgare Member Posts: 2
    That's weird. She already said that line while we've been in underdark and that was before we went into watcher's keep.
    Thank you for help and can you please tell me how did you know what was she supposed to say so that i could fix similar things myself?

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