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*SPOILERS* Rasaad Romance / Questline confusion

So, my character was starting a romance with Rasaad, and I got up to the cute conversation where he tells you about Calimport and offers to bring you there some day. Then, I did Rasaad's whole SoA questline with the heretics, and Alorgoth got away (as I'm pretty sure he is supposed to), and Rasaad stayed in the party and was all 'I'm sad he got away but thanks for being all supportive,' but I haven't gotten anymore romance dialogues and I can't figure out why. Is it because something went wrong in the quest, or is it just one of those things where once you reach a certain point something specific has to happen to trigger another conversation...or is the LoveTalk timer just really effing slow?? Help...spoilers definitely wanted!


  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    Are you still in chapter 2? I think some of his dialog might not trigger until chapter 3... I'm not entirely certain though. I can check my save files when I get home later what the next one is supposed to be though and if it has any special conditions.

  • anguirelanguirel Member Posts: 7
    Nope, I'm in Chapter 3. I've gotten as far as Brynlaw...not sure if I should have stuck around on the mainland to wait for something to trigger. That'd be great if you could check, though! :)

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    Assuming I didn't break anything in my game (I did prod advance time a few times) and assuming...
    you've had the cute attempt at a compliment that can lead to the kiss

    the next bit would be
    to go camping outside

    but like I said my order may be off :X I don't know if not meeting the requirements for one convo, like not being in the right place, will cause it to skip to another?

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    I'm having a hard time with the romance as well. Rasaad asked me if I had the same feelings as him (or something close to that) and there has been no romantic dialogue since. I'm at Brynnlaw now, and I've done his quest. What did I miss?

  • anguirelanguirel Member Posts: 7
    Well I did go camping outside and he started a conversation off with "it's cold out" or something like that (which was adorable :3) but that was a while before I got stuck. Is there another outdoor camping one? I've gotten the cute compliment one, the first outdoor camping one, the traveling to Calimport one, and I've done his quest but it just kind of stopped after that. Does his quest impede the romance or anything?

    Also @Strands_of_Red: yeah I'm at Brynnlaw now too, and I have literally loitered outside the tavern for hours just waiting to see if Rasaad said anything but he hasn't :/ Maybe something else has to happen for him to talk again?

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,858
    There are a couple of talks which only occur post-quest. :)

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    So far I've had two conversations triggered from resting outside.

  • anguirelanguirel Member Posts: 7
    Okay, I'll try that. Thanks guys :)

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    The romance dialogue is finally starting. I had the conversation where we camp outside and he says something about it getting cold. Now he's trying to compliment me, but there isn't an option for a kiss. The only favorable outcome I can seem to find with this conversation is telling him that if he wants my companionship, to simply ask for it. Any thoughts?

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    As long as you don't plainly tell him to take a hike in the meanest way possible, you're probably still fine. He can take a bit of teasing :P
    If you're worried about accidentally ending it you can always use the console command to check the romance status:
    If it returns a 1 or a 2 you're fine. If it's 3 it's off.

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for that! It returned a 1 :).

  • anguirelanguirel Member Posts: 7
    Another question: in ToB, Forest of Mir temple, with the Master Wraith, is Rasaad supposed to talk afterwards? I remember when I romanced Anomen in the original ToB he definitely had a post-battle reaction. After I did Rasaad's ToB quest in the plane of shadow (which seemed a little buggy), he had that one 'I wanna stick around' conversation and then nothing. Is there a glitch in the romance, or do I just have to wait a while?

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,858
    @anguirel Not all romances have an immediate post-wraith discussion; the EE ones definitely do not. :)

  • AvenelAvenel Member Posts: 93
    In my game, the second rest (outdoors) scene did not trigger for me until I advanced Rasaad's timer again. It was definitely worth doing :)

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    I have a question about the romance meter. In my SoA game the meter was set at '1' the entire game and my charname was able to romance Rasaad. I even made it to the conversation where he says he "wants to do something impulsive." I selected positive dialogue choices, but immediately after that the meter changed to '2.' Before the first battle with Irenicus he did admit to loving my charname. Now that I'm in ToB, after the first conversation there seemed to only be one positive dialogue choice. I would hate to screw up the romance this far into it. Spoilers are also welcome.

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    @Strands_of_Red The meter being 2 is kind of locking in the status of that relationship. 1 is flirting, 2 is committed, 3 is it's ended badly, so being on 2 is on track.

    I think there are at least 3 conversations between the one that changes the variable to 2 and the one right before the endfight with Irenicus. If you didn't get those three than I imagine the ToB dialog might not make much sense?

    In the last SoA dialog he basically puts puts the relationship on hold so he can focus on REVENGE and the ToB dialog reflects that rocky point in the romance. I don't think it picks up again until after his ToB quest is finished. I think you can get away with being a bit mad at him at that point without shutting the romance off entirely.

    The very last romance dialog was bugged for me and never triggered without me forcing it with the console though :(

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    That makes more sense. One of the dialogue options in ToB was "what I want you can't give me." Rasaad was with my party from chapter 2 onward. Maybe I didn't camp outside enough. The "let's do something impulsive" conversation happened on the floor of the Rillifane temple 0.o. What were the other two conversations I missed? Sorry that I don't know how to use the spoiler tab.

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    Um, the first one is...
    Rasaad saying that being near charname is a constant distraction and he wants some confirmation on where the relationship stands. At this point you can either insist you stay friends or make some more committed responses

    There's the other kiss and the angsty bit about how he'd be lost if he ever lost charname and all that

    Both of those you can get pre-Spellhold. There's also a couple conversations that I got in the labyrinth under Spellhold but I was resting a ton cause I had no potions so I don't know if those would have triggered elsewhere.

  • Strands_of_RedStrands_of_Red Member Posts: 14
    Thanks Sylph. How do you force the dialogue with the console?

  • NiraNira Member Posts: 5
    So I'm a little late to this thread, but, if anyone arrives here from Google and is looking for a Rasaad romance guide, here is a link to the one I made.

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