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Dorn quest bug(?)

mackosmackos Member Posts: 188
The problem is: I entered area where Kryll is but went back before skeletons spawned. When i reenter this area now, they do not spawn nor do Kryll. Can i use console to move the quest forward?

Ok problem is partially solved - used quick load and Kryll was spawned. But initial skeletons spawn is still buggy


  • TRoarTRoar Member Posts: 50
    edited November 2013
    I've found the initial skeleton spawn to be a little buggy also. They don't always spawn near the party if I start exploring the map as soon as I enter it. And then if I backtrack, they can be quite difficult to find. Dorn's dialogue doesn't always immediately kick in after defeating the skeletons or Kryll either. I find waiting around for both events the best way to handle this.

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