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Humorous BG2EE Party/Playthrough Ideas

TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
So I'll be starting a new run as soon as I finish my current 'evil' one.
I'd like to get a lol-worthy party going, and need some ideas for Charname.
Ideally, Charname's race/class/item combo should be something hilarious.
This is the party I've come up with so far (reasoning given in brackets):

JAN JANSEN (for the turnips... also, gnomes are lol)

ANOMEN (party's black sheep due to his hissy fits)

IMOEN ('cause she's fun, and I genuinely like her)

NEERA (for Wild surges, and epic randomness)

MINSC (with Lilarcor for added lulzyness! :D)

CHARNAME (?????) --> something funny!

Keep in mind that the group's theme is unintentional mayhem! :D
Also, post your own humorous parties and group compositions.
And feel free to talk about hilarious combat tactics as well :P


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