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[NEW NPC] Saradas Magic 2 [ENG] V_1.6 NOW FOR ToB

SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
edited April 2014 in General Modding
Hi all. My testing on Saradas Magic 2 for Throne of Bhaal has just finished.
Now my mod features new contents for the last chapter of the Bhaalspawns saga.

What's new in Saradas Magic 2 for Throne of Bhaal?

In Throne of Bhaal Saradas is finally a recruitable NPC!
You can summon him through the Fate Spirit in your pocket plane.
He is a human Priest of Lathander dual-classed to Mage.
His stats are:


STR 10
DEX 13
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 20
CHA 15

Saradas features:

- Banters and dialogues with many of the original BioWare NPCs
- He expresses his thoughts regaring events and dialogues
- He has a custom ring
- 6 different epilogues
- 1 custom skill
- Dialogues with the protagonist


- A small but enjoyable easter egg for all the Lord of The Rings lovers like me

I wait for your feedbacks ;)


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  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    updated to version 1.1 with some minor fixes to the new artifacts (usability by class)

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    fixed a missing string inside a spell

  • DeltharisDeltharis Member Posts: 124
    Could you possibly create a mirror somewhere? It would seem that my dorm internet connection does not enjoy Mediafire and I am unable to download (stuck at "preparing download").

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    did you enable Java Script for media fire page, @Deltharis? by the way I can upload it on this page for you if you have more difficulties

  • DeltharisDeltharis Member Posts: 124
    @Saradas Yes, I have it on always, even turned off my ad-blocker and tried different browsers. Anyways, after a few hours suddenly it worked, so thanks, I got it. Aaand it installed succesfully and Saradas is indeed where he should be.

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    version 1.2 available. some minor fixes have been done

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    Version 1.3 released. Some balance improvements to the artifacts, minor fixes and one new artifact: The Enchanted Mantle of Waukeen

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    edited December 2013
    Version 1.4 released.

    CHANGELOG: v_1.4

    - Fixed a bug that prevented dual-classed or multiclassed generalist mage to obtain their epic spell in the dialog after the Underdark. (if your progress through the game is too advanced and you didn't acquire the ability due to this bug, when in game, open the console and type C:AddSpell('!spcgen') point the mouse on the protagonist and then press ok.)

    - Now the special abilities of the artifacts have a casting time of 0 (instant cast).

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    Version 1.5 released.

    CHANGELOG: v_1.5

    - The final encounter with Saradas can no longer occur if he was previously killed in Athkatla.
    - The final encounter with Saradas in Suldanesselar has been revisited.
    - Saradas now gives a Wish scroll in the final encounter, rather than a Limited Wish scroll.
    - Fixed some dialogues.

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    Now featuring new contents for Throne of Bhaal! Read the first post for the complete info :)

  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 822
    Mind sharing some dialogue teaser? Or a bit of his personality or background? Enclosed in spoilers of course :-)

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    Sure :)

    Saradas is an old mage who has spent his entire life traveling throughout Faerun. His homeland is Sembia, where he has a old house in the city of Yhaunn. He was a priest of Lathander with an innate interest for all the forms of magic.
    So he started getting more and more interested in studying the arcane arts and ancient artifacts and dedicated his life to this purpose.

    Before he met the Gorion's warden, he thought that his days as an adventurer were finished, but his interest towards the son of Bhaal grew stronger and decided to follow his path.

    Saradas is a very wise man indeed and he always tries to share his knowledge with the young ones, in his own cryptic way.
    He doesn't speak much about his past and his trust is hardly earned, but he can be a very good friend to those who prove worthy of his time.

    In a conversation with Imoen, she will eventually find out that Saradas is more than he shows...

    In his youth, he used to cooperate with a renowned organization that Jaheira knows very well and that seeks to mantain balance in Faerun.

    Between all the companion of the Bhaalspawn, Saradas will start a good friendship with one in particular, a venerable paladin of Torm.
    Below is a short conversation between the two of them:

    K - What will you do when our journey is over, Saradas? S - I think I will finally come back to my house, in Sembia. My hometown is Yhaunn, a quiet coastal city. There I will finally rest after my long travels. K - Sounds like a good place to rest after retiring from adventure. S - It really is, and you will always be welcome there, if you plan to visit me in Sembia, Lord Keldorn. K - I surely will. Oh and by the way there's no need of such titles between friends, Saradas. Just call me Keldorn. S - Fair enough, Keldorn. You will find the best Cormyrian wines waiting for you, there.~ But now we must focus on our journey, it's not over yet and our minds should not indulge too much on such pleasant thoughts. K - You are wise as always. Let's continue our path.

    Moreover, Saradas will speak often with the son of Bhaal to interrogate him on his future decisions. The wizard doesn't plan to interfere in his destiny, but will try to make him ponder on the power he controls, to guide him to a wise decision.
    Obviously, Saradas will not take part in evil deeds because of his good nature and will leave the party if that is the case.

  • SaradasSaradas Member Posts: 148
    edited April 2014
    New version 1.6 released!

    Aside from some fixes, it features new banters between Saradas and Edwin (in ToB) leading to a funny cutscene in which the red wizard really goes too far and challenges his most hated enemy.
    Unfortunately for Edwin, the enemy we are talking about is Elminster himself.
    How will it end?
    Will Edwin take the place of Elminster as the Realms' most powerful wizard?

    File link in the first post of the thread.
    Stay tuned and leave your feedback if you enjoy my work or if you have any advice to help me
    improve Saradas Magic 2.

    NOTES: If you install Saradas Magic 2 v1.6 over a started game using a previous version of my mod, there will be malfunctionings due to some modifications of variables and timers names.
    I highly recommend you install this new version on a fresh game.
    In any case, your save game will be perfectly preserved without consequences.

  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,069
    edited April 2015

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  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,069
    @Saradas The reason of the error is because I try to install it at BG:EE. Sorry for false report.

  • saber0saber0 Member Posts: 84
    Is there a mac version available?

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,482

    I just started messing around with this mod and summoned Saradas through the pocket plane, but his character does not have a paperdoll.


    Is this intentional?

    I have about 20 or so other (mostly NPC) mods installed, so if this is a bug, I don't know if it's directly related to this mod or results from one of the other mods that I have installed.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 247
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