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Jaheira Leaving The Party Messes Up Her Record (spoilers for new players)

A minor - but irritating - problem.
After racing to the Harper Hold to stop Jaheira going through with her judgment at the hands of the false Harpers, I have recruited her back into my party. Despite having her in my party from the beginning of the game (save for the 8 hours she mandatorily leaves you prior to this), Jaheira is listed as only having been in my party for 24 days (while I have been running around Amn and the Underdark for 58 days).
It is perhaps impossible to locate why it is doing this; perhaps 24 days was the amount of time she had been with me before she left the first time, and this variable is somehow leaked into her second departure and return. I don't expect it to be made a priority, but would like it to be fixed.

Current Behaviour: Jaheira's time spent in party record is incorrect upon rescuing her from the Harper Hold
Expected Behaviour: Jaheira's time spent in party record after the Harper Hold should taken account of all periods of time for which she was in the party since first recruitment


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