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— Turkish Translation — Current team listing of positions

KyonKyon Member Posts: 128
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Title Role
Team Leader Communicates with @CameronTofer and the rest of the group.
Answers questions for the team, assigns people to roles.
Maintains an up to date version of the credits list for the team.

Translators The best people to translate strings from English to the native language.
Translate new strings, as well update strings to match the English updates.

Proofreaders People to read the translated string looking for any grammar, spelling,
or suggestions for improvement.
Proofreaders should be native language speakers with good writing skills.

Rules Police These people enure all consistency with the game, D&D rules, and Forgotten
Realms lore.
Ensure that item descriptions match their actions, place names are properly
translated, names and terms are properly carried through the game.

If you'd like to join, please contact @Shinorus (Team Leader).
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  • KyonKyon Member Posts: 128
    We changed team leader .
  • hellwalker31hellwalker31 Member Posts: 16
    edited September 2018
    i would like to help about translation as a native speaker. I play it since 2000 with every possible way but i think there are yet more to discover and still my most favourite game so helping you guys would be a lovely work for me. So you guys say team leader changed. So who should i contact for this?
  • HurricaneHurricane Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 730
    @hellwalker31 Sorry for not seeing your post earlier (note that this is the archive section). If you're still interested in helping with the translations, could you please send me your contact email address and your name to

    The current team leader for the Turkish translations is @degoryan. degoryan, would additional help be welcome to you?
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