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neera & dorn quest

hello to everyone how can i begin their quest?

thanks in advance


  • StevevdlStevevdl Member Posts: 73
    Neera just pick her up and she will eventually let you know
  • massiminomassimino Member Posts: 10
    i pick her but she doesn't tell me anything. what i have to do?
  • sylvanussylvanus Member Posts: 27
    Give it time.
  • massiminomassimino Member Posts: 10
    ok but how much time?
  • mackosmackos Member Posts: 188
    i think that until you complete nashkel mines they will not trigger their dialogs. This happend to me on my actual playtrough
  • JDowJDow Member Posts: 71
    Yes, after the Nashkel mines for Neera.

    For Dorn, he will intercept you when you try to travel to the Nashkel mine, but only if you had a brief conversation with him while you were in the Friendly Arm Inn before you headed south.
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