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ImperatorImperator Member Posts: 154
I thought I'd make a thread for all kinds of Kickstarter projects that people want to back or just comment on.

I'll start with The Mandate,

Copied from Escapist: "Starting with a combination of FTL's spaceship management and X-Com's isometric strategy, The Mandate hopes to expand into something much larger. If successful, players can expect customized spaceships, procedurally-generated environments, and even co-op RPG gameplay that lets you take on the galaxy with friends.

The Mandate is set in an alternate universe where Tsarist Russia thrived into an era of space colonization, creating an empire across the stars. As rebellions at the outskirts threaten the empire's security, a grand fleet designed to restore order is lost thanks to malfunctioning jump-gate technology. In desperation, the player, a prisoner jailed for crimes against society, is given a ship and ordered to restore the empire's former glory.

Using procedurally-generated galaxies, The Mandate sends players across various star systems, each harboring factions, bases, and other unique encounters. Players take on the role of ship captain, guiding recruits and officers through spaceship combat, boarding missions, and even ship defense."

It only needs about 20k, and has 6 days to go. At first it looked like it couldn't attract enough backers, but seems to have made a huge jump forward.

This, like Project Eternity and Tides of Numenera, seems like the kind of game that studios won't fund, so I'm really glad that Kickstarter has enabled people to decide for themselves whether they want a certain game, by directly influencing its funding.


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