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some advice for a returning newbie on party, etc

I am returning to this game after many years. Got it for christmas around the time it came out, didn't get really far (although it FELT like it). picked it up again maybe 6, 7 years ago. got farther, still didn't get TOO far. This time, I have purchased the BG:EE, and I am IN. Enjoying it more than I probably ever have before, and I feel like I have a better understanding of the mechanics (while still not the BEST).

I've been thinking about my party plans. Doing a "good" playthrough with an elven archer, chaotic good. I'm fine sticking with Jaheira, Khalid, and Imoen. I passed on Dorn due to being evil and Rasaad due to reading that he wasn't really the best. I mostly planned to sticking with original version characters and had expected to get Minsc/Dynaheir. But now I've picked up Neera...and I just like the little critter. Also, I've levelled her up to 3, which feels amazing to do for a mage. I remember my first time playing, rolling a pitiful necro thinking Larloch's Minor Drain was going to get me through it all. Anyway, I still kind of want Minsc due to being strong and a weirdo, but I don't feel like I want to ditch Neera for Dynaheir. I know I can get to keep Minsc without Dynaheir (sometimes accidents happen), but story-wise, that just feels terrible. Also nearing the point of needing to decide about dual classing Imoen, which could play into this. I know that there are more advantages to dual-classing her into a mage than NOT doing so, but I really don't want to go through such a huge portion of the game without a thief, and given what I've said already about party, I wasn't planning to pick up another. So basically, looking for thoughts on who I should round out my party with and dual classing Imoen. I'm open to suggestions of characters not mentioned here, and I'd like to know more about Dynaheir's personality. I know there are probably endless topics similar to this one, but I wanted to organize my details into one post. Appreciate any advice given. Thanks!


  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    I wouldn't dual Imoen unless you have a replacement thief to use in the meantime. You don't need that many mages for BG1, and she's pretty decent even as a pure thief.

    Dynaheir is a decent mage: she can't use enchantments but can still disable enemies competently with alternatives like Web and Glitterdust and wands of Sleep. Personality-wise some people say she's stuck up but I don't feel she's more stuck up than any other mage. Has a nice voice. Neera, being a new character, has her own quest while Dynaheir doesn't.

    If you want an alternative for Minsc who's also a warrior type you can look into Kivan, Ajantis, Coran and Yeslick. Coran could cover the thief role if you choose to dual Imoen.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    If u haven't finished BG 1 before, u might wanna move this to New Players section to avoid spoilers.

    Dynaheir's personality... hmmm... well I didn't particularly like her. She's a bit like Jaheira... strong willed, somewhat arrogant, definitely not the sweet damsel my Charname hoped he had rescued the first time they met. That said, she is in the canon party, so if u are strict about RP like me, u should work her and Minsc into your party, at least for a while.

    Perhaps u can try what I plan to do for my next BG EE playthrough, where I want my story to be faithful to RP, but still have Neera in my party.

    My plan is to pick up Jaheira, Khalid and Imoen at the beginning. Then pick up Neera in Beregost and Minsc in Nashkel to rescue Dynaheir. The rescue mission satisfies my RP requirements for the beginning of BG 2, so the party can say goodbye to Minsc and Dynaheir, and go to High Hedge to pick up Kivan, which completes my main party.

    Given that you plan to play as an Archer, perhaps Kivan won't be ideal (though given how much missile weapons kick ass, it certainly won't hurt your party either), but if u want more tactical balance, perhaps pick up Branwen or Yeslick, as the canon party is kinda lacking a Cleric, and I hear Command is very good in BG 1.

    Oh yeah, I actually don't think it's a good idea to dual-class Imoen into a Mage in BG 1. The only reason u'd do it is to be super-strict about RP. Magic isn't very powerful in BG 1, so having Imoen as a super thief and badass archer is more than good enough.

  • tronflowertronflower Member Posts: 5
    hmm. good advice. still interested in other's thoughts, but i may do what you've said. thanks! gorion would be proud of your actions!

  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 1,933
    I really wouldn't dual Imoen in BG unless you need a magic user, and it sounds like you do not. She's always useful as a thief and an archer, and you've got Neera for the spell slinging, sounds good to me. You'll need some more magical firepower in the second game, but not in the first.
    As for Minsc/Dynaheir, I'm also no fan of that Mage. Accidents do happen, or she could always move into a nice house in Neshkel and leave your party (!). If you're willing to say goodbye to Minsc also, then I agree with others about some good options. Ajantis is a good melee fighter, Kivan does melee and missile well. Branwen, and especially Yeslick are good choices if want more cleric spells.
    All of these are good, viable choices. Different characters just mean slightly different tactics and options. But the game is very winnable with any reasonably balanced combination of characters.

  • zur312zur312 Member Posts: 1,366
    not liking dynaheir ? dual imoen early or when you find coran
    go for ajantis for melee
    go for kivan if you need another bow user

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