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Neera's quest (TOB) : stuck

abuzorgabuzorg Member Posts: 11
edited December 2013 in Not An Issue
I already posted this on the discussion sub-forum, but as I got indicated it was probably a bug, I'm reposting it here :

After killing Vicross at her estate, I fought Szass Tam and brought him near death quickly. He then offered to send me back, but I refused, he killed me and I loaded my save. The second time, I brought him near death quickly again and he then sent me back in the clearing without giving me the choice. I don't know if that is a bug or not.

Now, my real issue is that nothing is happening since then, Neera didn't say anything and the quest is not done in the quest log. I guess a dialog didn't kick off at that moment. Now, I've got no way to go back before the fight, I overwrote my save before realizing there was probably a problem. Would there be any way for me to fix this?

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  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736
    Szass teleports you without giving a choice if you manually attack him before undertaking the quest to kill Vicross. This condition appears to turn true if you attack him too fast in the estate - like during the first couple of seconds.

    Do you have a save made before ringing the bell? It's not necessary, but would be helpful to save time on building a reproduction case.

  • abuzorgabuzorg Member Posts: 11
    I don't have a save before that, unfortunately, as I went on and changed zone and made a quick save before realizing something was wrong!

    It does appear as the speech he gave me before teleporting me out was something like enqenq alluded to in the other thread : he said something like "didn't you get enough punishment?".

  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736
    edited November 2013
    You can enter this via console (CTRL+Space) to mark the quest as complete and receive a comment from Neera (only in the clearing, doesn't affect much else) and advance her romance track:


  • VornekVornek Member Posts: 1
    @Ardanis I'd like to hop in on this issue. I didn't find any other posts related to this one, so i'll just post it here.
    i have a save file for this and is in the attached .rar file. I added a txt file with a few additional notes.
    Hope you get this working. I really shouldn't have to be using a console command to get it back on track. but it seems to be functioning well as a workaround.

    On a side note (that's mentioned in the .txt file) the little "cinematic movie" that is supposed to be shown when entering Vicross' estate, only shows for me AFTER Szass (i hate his name) teleports me back to the clearing.

  • DarthMauler64DarthMauler64 Member Posts: 7
    How long does it take for Nerra to say something? My brother typed this in and we did get a message in the dialog box saying that we were lucky to escape, but Nerra doesn't say anything. Even after resting for two days. This game is multiplayer if that means anything.

  • RB178RB178 Member Posts: 25
    I have a question about this as well. I have done this quest, but during the quest, while preparing for killing vicross, you are in an area with two doors (staging area for the arena I guess). Neither of them can be opened, but with C:ExploreArea there seems to be a massive area behind the doors. I expected this to be part of the quest, but I have not been able to get there in any way. Is this correct behavior? I have almost finished TOB and I'm getting worried about missing out on something here... :s

  • RB178RB178 Member Posts: 25
    Ahhhh, yes, I see. Had not looked at black pits yet. Just had a peek and was transported directly to this area indeed. Thanks!

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    @abuzorg: Looks from the replies that the original issue only happens under some edge cases (attacking too quickly).

    Moving this to "Not an Issue". If you feel this should be moved back, please let me know.

  • thenethene Member Posts: 16
    I just ran into this bug. I had to do the fight about a dozen times before I was able to get the first dialogue to show up & let him voluntarily send us out of there and give me my done quest journal entry/Neera dialogue/quest XP. (It was actually the third time I saw the dialogue that got us through; the first time, I declined his offer, and then when he finally sent us home we didn't get the quest xp...the second time, I agreed to the parley but there were missiles in the air at the time so he turned hostile again; no quest XP/done quest at the end of the day.)

    For me, it wasn't solely an issue of the first few seconds - on some of those borked attempts, I was able to drop him before his protections went up; other times, it was a long hard slog before he teleported me away with no XP/done quest.

    This one was REALLY frustrating, so I hope you can get it fixed. My save from right before we rang the bell is attached; the only thing I ever did between loading the save and ringing the bell was casting Haste (and I wonder if that might be contributing to the problem, as the time I finally got it to work, I didn't bother with the Haste).

  • AlekKolchakAlekKolchak Member Posts: 1
    Problem: I agreed to be sent to Vicross' estate. I finished off her and everyone else on the map. Now what? Where is the "summoning bell"? I don't see anything new in my inventory, and a scrollthrough over the map doesn't show any clickable map items.

  • SquallSquall Member Posts: 13
    I'm getting some bug here as well, I choose to not be teleported and continue killing Szass, he then forces me to teleport to the clearing, I get the quest reward and a journal entry on the "completed quests" but I still have open entry on "quests" and Neera doesnt say any comment.

  • JoviwanJoviwan Member Posts: 28
    I'm also having this problem. Szass Tam exploded me real good, so I had to reload before the bell. I then set a brazillion traps for when he showed up, and combined with hitting him real fast right after his sudden but inevitable betrayal, he took a bunch of damage and shouted 'haven't you had enough punishment' and teleported me back to the clearing. THe quest didn't clear, the journal didn't update, got no XPs, and Neera didn't approach me.

    I manually consoled the thingy posted up above, but that only gave me a journal entry and Neera talking to me; it didn't clear the quest or award anything. And because I'm dumb and quicksaved too much, my only save before this debacle currently is right before Neera first asked me to cast reckless dweomer, so I haven't gone to slog back through yet.

  • Mattly99Mattly99 Member Posts: 11
    I was able to advance Neera's quest with no problems even after immediately attacking Szass Tam both times. I advanced Neera's dialogue with no problems The only bug I had with it though was that the quest was still active. Although under done quests it clearly shows "Szass Tam betrayed and teleported me back", under Quests "Destroying the order of Eight staves" was still marked with the + - on it, not disappearing from my that part of my journal. A minor bug for me, but I wanted to point it out and submit my save file in case it was related to everything else going on.

  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    So has no solution to this been found? I right now am having the same issue and Neera has not conversed right after I was ported back and attacking Szass Tam. And I attacked him in the estate with hardly any issue and the quest says its unfinished.

  • AxItAxIt Member Posts: 8
    I am alo stuck due to that quest.
    I refused to kill Vicross and attacked Szass on the spot before he was able to move a finger.
    I found my party teleported back at the clearing without the possibility to go to Thay again in any way. The "Eight Staves" quest is unfinished.
    It would not be a problem, but this prevents me to enter Chapter 10 because all quests have to be finished before doing that.

    What should be done to move on?

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