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— Polish Translation — Current team listing of positions

cherrycoke2lcherrycoke2l Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 1,027
edited November 2012 in Archive (Volunteering)
Polish team final credits:

NDA content:
Team leader/proofreader:
Maciej Wójcik @cherrycoke2l

Małgorzata Oleszczuk @Aerith
Michał Goszczyński @Drian_Thierf

Proofreader/Rules Police:
Maciej Kalinowski @viader

Old content proofreading/translation – people who confirmed that they wanted to be in credits; I'm afraid I can't find most forum nick nicknames of many of them.

Łukasz Abramczuk @RobeN
Maciej Guzy
Adam Kloc @Stouf
Mariusz Kosmatka
Lucyna Markowska @Isuel
Michał „Zioman” Pawłowski
Grzegorz Smyk @Ilphalar
Piotr Szymański
Filip Terenowski @powerfulally
Krystian Walkiewicz
Bartlomiej Wypych @barwy

Currently approximately 80% of the content has been translated and proofread, however translators are working offline and they're saying that they'll complete their work soon. We're doing everything we can to make it by Nov 28th but we might be late by a few days.

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