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Mind Shield = Mind Shield?

RazaDelromRazaDelrom Member Posts: 149
I know about three "mind shield" items (usually helmets), one claims protection against charms, the other lists two, and then there is the new one which lists feeblemind, confusion, fear and charm. Is that just an extended description for all items that have the mind shield, or do the protections differ from each other?
Meaning, that the helmet with protection versus charms will not help against fear, but the other item will protect the wearer? Or all protect against all these mind influences?


  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    Just a guess on my part, but I'd say each individual description actually covers the spells protected against. Although "Mind Shield" may be a common term associated with all three, I wouldn't confuse that with it meaning exactly the same thing. There are other instances of this in game. Pay close attention to the description, at least that is my advice.

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