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Need help: Phaere timer goes nuts


I'm in the underdark and I've got a major problem (I've played the game about 20 times before) :
I'm supposed to meet Phaere so that she gives me the false eggs but she doesn't appear in the female fighter society: Worse, I've spent so much time looking for her that now her ''timer'' goes off 3 second after my save, making her appear and reveal my real nature to all the drows instead of letting me continue the quest.

This isnt a bug ''per se'' but it feels unfair: I really want to finish the drow city cleanly and would like to know if there is a CLUAconsole command that would allow me to either:

-Go back in time a day or so (so that I have more time to try to find where the hell phaere went)
-Put Phaere's ''timer of betrayal'' at off
-Make it so that I already have her fake eggs.

I'm really at a lost here: I've looked everywhere and it would mean the world to me if someone could fix my problem.

Thank you!


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