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General questions about Party in BGII:EE

DelinomDelinom Member Posts: 46
First and foremost, I know I could probably get these answers with some searching. I apologize. Actually I did some googling but wasn't completely pleased or confident in the info.

I'm finishing my BG:EE game now that they finally fixed the AMD/Intel chipset related bugs. My main character is a fighter/thief multi and I'm running an Evil party with Dorn, Kagain, Shar-Teel (as a pure fighter), Viconia and Edwin. Kinda powerplaying, I know. Here's my questions:

- I read in a somewhat old interview that in BGII:EE you can't continue with your BG:EE party and meets Imoen/Jaheira/Khalid/etc. even if you killed them in the first game. Is that the actual case?

- Do you find your first game magical items in the chest near the cellars in the beggining of the game or are you left with just the default BG2 items?

- Hexxat is a Thief. I hear she is incredibly powerful tho. It's a bummer because my main is a fighter/thief, and we all know we don't need 2 thiefs. How powerful is she? I hear she has very strong special abilities that maker her worth it, is that correct? Can you dual her into something, is she even human? Pure single class thieves aren't that great. And lastly, a personal opinion, do you like this new NPC and do you compare her favorably to Dorn/Rasaad/Neera?

Thank you guys.


  • enneractenneract Member Posts: 186
    Yes, Nope (a handful of items are imported), Yes

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    Hexxat is a very good thief, but if you create a good F/T you are going to be better in almost any way.
    She can't be dualclassed, she can't even romance a male (just female).
    In BG2EE a thief (a good one) is surely enough, so if I were you I would pick her just to do her quest.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,258
    Delinom said:

    - I read in a somewhat old interview that in BGII:EE you can't continue with your BG:EE party and meets Imoen/Jaheira/Khalid/etc. even if you killed them in the first game. Is that the actual case?

    it is.
    but say, if in bg1, you haven't had jaheira or minsc as npc's or have killed them, you can just pretend that they're not there and simply not interact with them when you wake up in the dungeon.

    jaheira is a tremendously important (and powerful) npc in bg2 however and she's ok for both evil and good parties so it's a waste not to have her in the party even if you don't like her.
    she has tonnns of interactions and quests.
    therefore you can make it out so that the bg2 campaign is not in canon with your bg1 experience and that it's based on a different, alternate past which, for example, included jaheira in the party. that's how most people play bg2 anyway afaik, they disconnect the two playing experience from each other, because it's the least cognitively dissonant approach :)

    many other npc's (you will encounter again most of them in bg2) are distorted and feature in the sequel as completely different characters. most are not even available as npc's anymore.

    it's monumetally lame...the only truly meaningful thing that i'd expect a project such as this (ee) to accomplish ie fix this lack of continuity - it hasn't (because of legal blahblah...)

  • LathlaerLathlaer Member Posts: 475
    Don't take Hexxat if you are already a thief. You will be good enough and she will only hinder your party possibilities. Doesn't matter though, if you are playing evil party.

    I have her because I can't stand Jansen.

  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    I ran with a F/T main and Hexxat and we did completely fine. While by the end she will have more than enough points for everything, taking her will allow you to focus all your skills on things like stealth and detect illusions, which are useful for combat early on.

    Is she optimal with a F/T main? No. But she's far from just baggage.

  • Davy_JonesDavy_Jones Member Posts: 11
    edited November 2013
    My character was and will always be a Dragon Disciple! The start in Part 1 is extremely hard but as soon as you start leveling up you'll find out that the DD is the most powerful character you can play - and there is no substitute for it because an NPC-DD does not exist.

    In BG2 I mixed my group at first but somehow (and I can't imagine why...^^) Anomen and Keldorn were not able to stand Hexxat. At the moment, my party consists of:


    Having Korgan educated into a two-weapon-fighter this together is a damn powerful combination...

  • filpanfilpan Member Posts: 31
    Korgan wielding an axe in one hand and a flail (of Ages, of course) in other is a killer.

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