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#7212 [CORE] - Bard Blades Defensive Spins & Free Action (potion/spell/ring)

sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
edited November 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Tested BG2EE /v1.2.2030 (and can be applied to BG1EE v1.2).

Observed behaviour:
1. You use your FA potion/spell/ring FIRST (**) try to launch your blade DS... you WASTE your DF (nothing happens; only FA icon on portrait) AND you loose one point in your available DS numbers left).
2. You launch your blade DS FIRST... You use your FA potion/spell/ring ... _then_ you have no problems to use AND the FA effects (both FA+DS icons on portrait;ok), AND the DS, at the same time (DS not wasted). The DS movement lock is not unlocked though (*).

Expected behaviour:
1. Even if new dev team thought DS should NOT have the DS 'movement block' unlocked by FA (*)... You should NOT loose a point in your DS available numbers left; a simple block of the DS launch should be enough (not to loose a point at least)..
2. Well.. if 2. is normal (though the no DS movement lock unlocked is questionable (*) ).. then 1. is not right/logical, at the same time..or DS should be locked/removed in both cases (FA prioritory?..or not).. (similar to speed+FA..must remove the FA item first to get both effects..or waste the speed if FA first..not right/logical too - see also , a little the same mechanism /complete waste or not..).

(*)According to's_Gate:_Classes_and_Kits#Bard_Kits , the original BG2 clearly allowed the FA effect to unlock the DS lock.. ; "Defensive Spin (...) does only last 24 seconds and keeps you in stuck in place, so a blade cannot REPLACE a fighter or cleric tank... UNLESS they are under the effect of Free Action". That previously allowed interraction effect was removed only with the EEs apparently.

There are no similar interactions problems between DS and speed spells; all working perfectly together, there; you can launch either one or the other first, you will always have both effects together (DS+speed/+ATT), but with of course the movement blocked by DS..and both icons at the same time. np here, perfect..

Nota2 (edit) (**):
Of course, the fun part is epecially with the Free Action (FA) potions : those ones are lasting for 2 hours.. you drink one.. means you are loosing ALL Defensive Spins (DS) for 2 hours too (at least the effects are shorter with spells and of course the simple ring removable at will).. in the current state of the EEs patches; 2 full hours / forced case 1. (all DS will be impossible AND wasted). ^

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  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    I gotta agree here. I hate wasting my special abilities too. @Troodon80, can you take a look at this and write up a report so this gets looked at?

  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    @Cuv thx!
    Yes, if @Troodon80 could even drop an eye on that, no doubt would be even better.. ))

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited November 2013
    @Cuv @sunset00,

    On it. :)

    Logged, 7212.

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  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    edited December 2013
    @Troodon80 great, thx)

    PS (131202) ; just found at last the way to remove (if wished^) the Blade DS movement lock..with FA (original BGs behaviour too)!^ Carefully looking into the multiple commandlines spells by spells/etc well shown in DLTCEP.. i could finally identify the op code related to that one)) ..'just' need to add the commandline under the FA priest spell(&/or others^) (every 14 different lvls lines for the spell btw^) ; Protection: from Opcode [101] --> 176 . and bingo (no more mvt lock from DS thx to FA, if wished, in the original BGs^). Oh and... to just remove the DS abrupt block from FA (current v122030 DS launched _after_ FA / '1.' case => DS charges wasted then).. just remove the similar 'extended effect' line (always under the FA spell/item/potion/etc targetted..); 'Spell: Protection from Spell [206] (0xffffffff 0x7e) SPCL522'-->ressource SPCL522 (DS=SPCL522 / OS= SPCL521!).... and voilà too; FA will never again block DS like that, you will be able to use both (_but_ with always the DS movement lock if you have not also applied the first fix /opcode 176..), whatever FA drank/used before or after DS (uniformized effect behaviour like that, so) !... Nota, FA has all sort of others 'protections from op codes' (ex: 16=haste, 40=slow, etc)..that's the way the spell easily understands (so) what to remove/protect from (here/opcodes..have also/spells, remove previous icons too, etc). ..the 'only' OTHER tricky thing, now, is to APPLY THAT (and eventually every other modifications/finetunings found^) TO EVERY ITEMS/SPELLS/POTION THAT ARE USING FA(or any other attributes looked for) of uniformize (on every items/etc) the expected behaviours (or not..if wished too^)..on that, you will also notice that 'glitches' inherited from the original BGs are sometimes always there; looking carefully like that, you quickly realize that some items (that are supposed to do the SAME effects..), are missing some commandlines (compared to other similar items/original spells..)..explaining why you can see those items having a 'surprising' weird behaviour compared to others of the same style (ex; bracers with Improved Haste charges (BRAC16) the speed potions (POTN14) they have NOT some of the exclusion commandlines that we can see in usual IH/Haste spells for exemple..results are quick to appear in practice (using them in game^)...if you use them FIRST (like potions..), you CAN use them with a bard blade OS, cumulating both +ATT boosts & effects etc.. when that's not possible of course with usual IH/H spells.. but 'of course', the triggers are there if you used OS first..and then you loose your potions/bracers charge if not used first (excluded ok)..^^ Well, said otherwise, for EVERY items/potions/etc to have the SAME uniformized and rational bahaviours with such or such spell effects..we must be sure the _same_ commandlines are present in every similar items like that.. or they will have 'bugged' 'specific' (or not) bahaviours, but otherwise incomprehensible)^

    Not an easy fix to generalize so (MUST know first EVERY items/etc using the targetted effect to verify/correct/modify..AND must then apply precisely the exact same specific lines to all of them..with no errors) )..but sure might be interesting/important if only 'to streamline' (as would say someone^) all the different Speed/FA items/spells effects in the game..they should have all the same reactions as expected, no exceptions (and NO need to drink first and then use the other -or the reverse-, just because there is again a missing exclusion commandline that can be exploited later like that so ;) )..OR ONLY if we have the exception clearly mentionned in the (really unique then^) item/etc descriptions, if uniquely wanted (ex; ring of FA, unique description with effects on speed+slow blocks..not present as precisely in usual FA spells/items?..a unique feature or a regular FA behaviour to expect so (aka blocking the speed bonuses too..not just freeing from mvts critters/blockers^) ?.. That changes everything too..^).. or is that the expected behaviour for every other FA items/spells etc?..). Anyway, the good news is that all that can be perfectly controlled & modified/corrected (if wished!) under DLTCEP (&especially DLTCEP+WeiDU for all the descriptions too..+EEKeeper initially of course) ) (or even NI, but that one is less clear for those commandlines..NI is great to get a quick list view of the different objects though).. very nice to know that's possible to modify that if easily (/DLTCEP..aka not only dependant of global patches..can be changed at the simple item/spells etc levels so) least)^^

    .... So far, though, i always could not identify exactly what could put back the 24h/1 day exact timer for the HLA Bards Magic Flutes to 24h as expected and regular.. and not only 16h as so far seen for my fix... (nota: we can observe the exact same 16h only problem with the current behaviour btw..with the 3 separated flutes unregular behaviour...). Not sure yet for that one (/exact timer modif setting to find), but should be doable too imo..must miss smthg, but what exacty for that one ?^..i might compare with other disappearing (on timers, same) summons items, maybe, to catch the correct line for that one (ex: items to summon lion, spiders, etc..all the a timer too if i remember well)..might be that..will try that..^

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