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Dual Class: Thief to Fighter

mahkmahk Member Posts: 20
I have two possible bugs. Could be bugs, by design or both.

1. Weapon Proficiency. My thief was lvl 11 when I dual-classed to Fighter. I had one proficiency in long sword, dagger and katana. After dual-classing to fighter, I put 4 into long sword, 2 in dagger and 3 in dual weapon. Upon getting lvl 12 in fighter, the katana proficiency showed up but my long sword and dagger remained at 4 and 2 respectively. I thought the proficiencies I chose as a thief would transfer over so I would have 5 long sword and 3 dagger.

2. Weapon slots. As I started as a thief, I had 2 weapon slots. When dual classing to fighter, I stayed at 2 slots instead of the 4 that the fighter class typically gets. I believe this was the same as the original game and could be by design as weapon slots could be locked in on character creation.


  • BlinkyZeroBlinkyZero Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I believe both of these are by design. Proficiency stars aren't cumulative and will be overwritten when a dual classed character reactivates their first class. I think the weapon slots thing has something to do with the old UI not having enough room for extra buttons.

  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    edited November 2013
    1: Your proficiencies don't add up like that when dual-classing. You have to either spread them out amongst different options (and thus potentially "waste" them by having points in weapons you don't use) or double them up like you did (and thus "waste" them by paying twice for proficiency without any lasting benefit). If you know to expect that then you can make some choices to try to maximize the number of proficiency points you keep, but even if you don't do that it's generally not a huge loss.

    2: This is normal, and mostly the result of limited space for icons. Thieves need room for the buttons for their thief skills. Pure fighters don't, and so have room for more weapons. F/T, F->T, and T->F lose those weapon buttons for the skill buttons.

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