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Anyone Played King of Kings 3

Chaotic_GoodChaotic_Good Member Posts: 255
edited November 2013 in Off-Topic
I have played a ton of mmos mostly AAA, but if I want to try something new I download a few free to play games to check them out. King of Kings 3 is much more advanced than a lot of games I have played including the triple A games. It has very advanced pc creation that reminds me of Orge Battle 180 levels resulting in 27 classes; I would have posted pics of the skill trees but it would have been like 50 picks because every sub class has its own skill tree.There are individual armor pieces for each part of the body so you can have your own look check the pic below.

It has really everything you would expect from a triple A mmo and more including fishing events, competitive IQ tests, RvRvR, duels, world pvp, advanced crafting, mounts, player housing/furnishing, mail, Guilds , instances, and if you try hard enough you can even become king of your realm by defeating the current king (The king sets and collects taxes from his subjects).

This is also the first time in an mmo in a long time I have been interested in the lore you can auto run to objective and the crazy thing is about that is it gives me time to read through the lore and the game is advanced enough I actually have interest.

There are a few small issues like all of the enemies early game are passive and the graphics are meh.

I really can't believe I had not heard of it before, but it is easily top 3 best mmos I have played. If you are into mmos check this one out.

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