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A cool mod would be one that lets NPC's have strongholds

booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
I'd like to see Minsc and Boo as the epic rangers of Imnesvale
The Planar Sphere can belong to Edwin, Nalia, Imoen, etc.
Perhaps the Order can grant MAZZY the knighthood she so richly deserves (poor gal, love her)
Jan or Yoshimo with the Shadow Thieves
Archdruid Jaheira would make my day

My only problem would be Korgan being in charge of Nalia's keep... "work harder ye good fer nuttin' bastards"
It would be nice to see the keep go to Keldorn or Rasaad or even Valygar. Or maybe they can all rule... Korgan and Keldorn fighting over trade policy :D


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