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Couple issues - Journal entries not clearing and PC all grayed out (no color in clothing)

I still show active quests in my journal...quests that I completed. Specifically some involving Tales of the Sword Coast. There are also others relating to the Nashkel mines, etc. and I am on Chapter 5. Any fixes for how the journal recognizes quest status?

Another issue, graphical in nature. Imoen and my PC both are all gray, clothing and skin. It is as if the color texture is not loading for them. They had color at one time? Is this a know issue? I have searched for it online but didn't come up with any answers.



  • Xei_Win_TohXei_Win_Toh Member Posts: 43
    Journal is just wonky, especially in BG1EE. Mostly, quests coming back to the 'active' part, in my experience, seems to be if you talk to somebody who updates a journal entry on the quest, even if completed (peasants talking about rumors about Nashkel Mines, for instance)

    As for the other part: Are you and Imoen both under the effect of Stoneskin or Iron Skin?

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