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[Known, #7232] [Mod] - Sendai Bug ***she wont die***



  • olderon99olderon99 Member Posts: 4
    Yeah I was worried that was gonna be the case... damn.. Oh well at least I know it most likely will work. My save pre abzigail/sendai is early chapter 8 sadly.

  • XcidiumXcidium Member Posts: 22
    edited January 2014
    The console commands re variables don't work for me. Restarted Sendai enclave several times.
    Did the Mind Flayer trick and successfully killed Sendai then moved to another area, but no dialog trigger.
    So went back to pocket plane and did CreateCreature("SOLAR") to force the dialog. All good again.

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  • kryptixkryptix Member Posts: 741
    Just confirmed that this is still very much the case with SCS... I will have to retry again to see if I can force it to continue after using mindflayer form because I came here to read this and the only person with shapeshift memorized was imoen, but I was playing on insane and she got chunked by sendai when I tried to do this with MF form...

  • kryptixkryptix Member Posts: 741
    As an update, the game went along fine after I killed Sendai with a Timestopped Mindflayer form. Still didn't get EXP though... I also had to console teleport out of the room because I was stuck in there.

  • MoradinMoradin Member Posts: 372
    Hi Guys,
    just my 2 cents. I had the same problem: Sendai not dying, not with Ctrl+Y, not with C:SetGlobal("death","locals",0). After banging my head against the wall for 3 days, I decided to try the mind flayer trick. Teleported to Lazarus, bought the scroll and had Edwin cast it. It immediately worked and solar started the dialogue just after Sendai finally died. I have SCS installed, and no silence in my weapons. Thanks to you guys I was able to progress in my game.

  • ltdanishltdanish Member Posts: 1
    Same trouble. I killed her with the mind-flyer trick. Then i got ported to the pocket plane and the Solar but the game won't progress from here, no Elminister, no dialog, no possibility to enter into the monestary and I don't have a save-game that goes back before it happened :(

  • VicenVicen Member Posts: 1
    Another tip for those who suffer through this bug and do not want to restart their entire play through yet again...

    First of all, the mind flayer trick may work in theory...the fact that you miss the scene between mel and balz and then the elminster scene renders it all but useless...

    What I did to get the correct way to progress the game was to uninstall SCS completely...I then fought Sendai as normal...killing the statues and what here comes the tricky part...on my saved game once all the statues were dead, Sendai would then repeat her dialog and start the event again...however at this point it would be bugged and essentially your game would be rendered useless...

    So what you must do after defeating the statues is once Sendai pops up immediately hit space bar and pause the game. After pausing the game Hit Crtl+Y on Sendai which WILL kill her(you will not have enough time to kill her fairly even if you wanted too as she will restart her dialog which will bug the game). She then says her dying dialog and the game can progress as normal after that! I also reckon you can reinstall SCS afterwards, though I have heard the final fight may be bugged somewhat as well...

    Anyways, I hope this fixes the problem some people are having with it certainly fixed mine!

  • halobobhalobob Member Posts: 5
    I am running a SCS (and BP Ascension) modded game and had the same glitch with the Sendai encounter as noted above. Your script fixes worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • raukkisraukkis Member Posts: 1
    dam23: thanks a lot for your fix! Works as intended on SCS + Ascension.

  • BiffTheUnderstudyBiffTheUnderstudy Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2014
    Hello everyone.

    I replaced the files in my override folder as proposed by dam23. Sendai now initiate the dialog (she didn't before) but she still won't die.

    I am running a BG2EE Beamdog mac version with BP-Ascension and SCS2.

    Any idea how to fix this, and why the fixed script might not be working for me, while it seems to have solved everyone else's problems? It seems very very odd. I restarted the game, but it didn't change anything.

  • Sorry to double post, but another question: should I reinstall SCS2 after having replaced the files given by dam23 in the override folder, or is it supposed to work immediately?

  • loukoumasloukoumas Member Posts: 1
    the script provided from dam23 did the trick!

  • StormcrowStormcrow Member Posts: 4
    @dam23 thank you!! Saved me from despair :smile:

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