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[BG2 EE] Cloak of Dragomir Suggestion

00zim0000zim00 Member Posts: 266
Hey all,
I have only been playing bg2 EE for a short while now so I am not sure if this cloak gets updated later or something in a quest but I was wondering if a slight change could be made to the Cloak of Dragomir functionality

Current Behaviour:
Cloak of Dragomir allows vampires to travel in sunlight but with some state decreases.

Requested Behaviour:
Same as it is now, however could it be coded to ONLY give the negative states when you’re actually in daylight? And when at night or indoors it doesn’t change anything.

Maybe im just lazy but it’s a pain to have to remove it every time I walk in doors or I notice its night time

Thanks :)



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