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Cleric/Thief HP

FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
According to HPCT.2DA, cleric/thieves get 1d7 HP at levelup until level 9 and +3 past that.
Since rogues get d6 and clerics d8 for hit dice, the random part is correct.
However both of them get +2 hp per level at high levels, so cleric/thief should get the average of that: +2 hp per level pas 9.
Hence the +3 is a bug.

Additional suggestion:
Rogues get one extra hit dice at level 10, so one might want to set that levelup as 1d3+1 and similarly tweak every other thief multiclass table. This is of course assuming I understand correctly the way the table is pulled at levelup and this change does not lead to accidental screwups....



  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 2,476
    I never noticed it before--it has been quite a while since I created a cleric/thief. I will correct my hpct.2da to 2 hp/level. You are most likely reading the tables correctly but fixing all the multi-thief tables to 1d3+1 at level 10 is probably something I, myself, won't do.

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