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NPC Dialogs and Party Leader

SporvanSporvan Member Posts: 31
We all know pathing in this game is a complete headache (I still have nightmares about narrow corridors) - but there's one thing in this game which trumps even that on annoyance scale...

I've maxed out Charisma and Wisdom scores to make the ultimate party leader and get the best possible results from NPC conversations and reactions. However, whenever I enter a new map area or walk past NPCs which initiate dialogs they latch onto the closest party member. Disregarding my ultra Charismatic party leader.

This is endlessly frustrating as I want to roleplay the conversations with my party leader and has lead me to countless reloads to get these NPCs to initiate conversation with the leader instead.

It's gotten so bad that I now wear Boots of the Cheetah on my party leader to make sure they are one step ahead of the party - but even that wont work when entering a new tavern. Really disruptive gameplay for a staunch roleplayer.

Can anything be done to add a setting to only let the party leader do the the talking?



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