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Openening container - unneeded repositioning of view

BelegCuthalionBelegCuthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 400
I'd like to file a bug of the user interface – this could also affect BG2:EE but i have not played that yet.
(could also be a request, but as it is an annoyance, i call it "bug".)

Wrong behaviour:
If opening a container with a character, then the buttons bar at the bottom of the screen is hidden and only the container content and inventory can be seen. This hiding of the buttons bar causes a re-positioning of the view on the background for the height of the button bar itself. So if quickly clicking through several containers in a room (when looting or lock picking) then one constantly misses the next click target due to the re-positioning – also the visual impression of "jumping" around the view is distracting.

Expected behaviour:
The button bar hides, but the screen is not repositioned (or it is compensated for the shift). The result is a much smoother experience, as visually there is no jump, and targetting the next container is more easy.

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