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Enlarge Area of Spells Memorized on Spellbook Page

Currently, the Spells Memorized (/Prayed For) section of the spellbook can display 12 spells per level. It is possible (at high level with high stats &/or gear) to be able to cast more than 12 spells from a single level. The functionality of doing so is fine, but only the first 12 slots are displayed. The slot(s) that are not displayed appear to work fine, but you can't see what it in them from the spellbook, and changing the spell in a slot that is not displayed is involved (you have to remove a spell from a slot you can see to empty the slot you can't, then clear the now-visible spell, then restore the spell you removed to make the hidden spell visible, and then finally select the spell you wanted to put into the hidden slot).

Also, there is the danger of forgetting about the hidden slot (or never knowing it is there to begin with), and thus being unnecessarily restricted in the number of spells that you can memorized at that level.

It would be very helpful if the area displaying spells memorized could be expanded to 15 slots, to avoid this situation and the problems that come with it.



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