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Dismissing Jaheira from party at the end of her personal quest (SPOILERS!)

vonVincevonVince Member Posts: 18
edited December 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Gentle folk of the community, there's an oversight that requires attention.

I didn't romance Jaheira (not that it really matters, since one can complete her quest romance or no romance - I eliminated the possibility of romance at the earliest possible moment), but I kept her in my party, and managed to complete her very long personal quest with success - Jaheira got the Harper Pin. Now, I would like to dismiss her from the party, but - well, what do you know! - I cannot do so without losing her for the rest of the game! Now, this would make sense if I hadn't completed the quest with success (her reputation among Harpers being ruined and everything), but completing the quest with success sees her status as a Harper restored by Elminster: yet, when you are about to dismiss her she still acts like her world is falling apart and all that, even though this is not the case anymore, and by all accounts her dismissal dialogue should revert to her original one ("This group is yours to reform as you see fit, though dropping me for another does not seem like the wisest choice. I will abide by your decision though.").

I could probably get around this by using CLUAConsole, but that's not the point: one should be able to dismiss her normally by now, and it should be implemented as such.

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