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my two cents - ipad 1.2

hello forum

i've been quietly observing the forum since before the release, but i never felt the need to register before,
because all my questions were already answered by other members or the mods.

i didn't buy the pc version cause i was quite happy with bgt.
but i've bought the ipad version on day one and only played for a couple of hours,
because i encountered some annoyances/bugs that kept me away.

while i don't know anything about the background with atari and all,
i'll have to admit i still was a 'little' displeased that it took until now to get the version we have now.

and now - 1.2 a.d.,
everything seems so much improved.
after a quick, admittedly not thorough test run up to nashkel, i'm impressed.
i'm not going to list things, you know best what you've fixed.

i also did a little multiplayer test, which turned out great.
it ran really smooth, even though i was playing with someone from the other side of the world.

and after hours, there are posts/threads that state stuff that's not so great,
things to improve, maybe even bugs which in my opinions is legit.
but on the other side of the coin there are such post:

"you suck"
"i'm disappointed you gonna get a bad rating"
"language xxx is not supported as i expected you cheaters"

which makes me ask myself - why are you so disappointed/angry if you expected it.
probably the exact opposite, they expected something, didn't get it and lost objectivity.

my native language isn't supported either.
i would have played the english version either way.
i know my english is not perfect but i played the english version on vanilla bg
and i believe there's always something that gets lost in translation.

so what's the point of this thread?
to make a long story short

while the game may not be perfect (what game is?)
i haven't found any gamebraeking bugs etc.

so call me a suck up, but i just wanted to say:
i really appreciate the effort of the devs, beta tester and bug reporter.
so far i really like the improvements, fixes etc.
thumbs up.



btw if anyone is interested in an serious ipad multiplayer playthrough,
i'm available, so leave me a message.

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